Assisted Suicide Laws

Are Dangerous and Discriminatory
Kristen Hanson

Suicide is not medical treatment.

I was told I had four months left to live. Three different doctors told me that there was no hope...

Doctor's make mistakes and medical prognoses are often inaccurate.
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It's a lot cheaper to kill you...

Insurance companies have denied lifesaving care and offered assisted suicide instead...
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Assisted suicide obstructs care that families need. It's like coercion.

For minorities and the poor who already struggle for access to care, the choice between suicide on the one hand and care + crushing debt on the other, does not equal autonomy.
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If assisted suicide is legal, lives will be lost due to mistakes, abuse, or lack of better options...

Federal study finds assisted suicide laws rife with dangers to people with disabilities…

Stephanie Packer, denied coverage for care, offered assisted suicide instead at a co-pay of $1.20

Pictured: Stephanie Packer, California Resident

Opponents of Assisted Suicide Laws

Range the political and worldview spectrum, but come together to oppose this dangerous public policy
About us

PRAF works every day to abolish assisted suicide laws, which are inherently discriminatory, impossible to safely regulate, and put the most vulnerable members of society at risk of deadly harm.

We stand united with our coalition partners, fighting to protect the rights of patients to ensure they are able to access the care they deserve.

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