93 Year Old Veteran Given Days to Live is Alive One Year Later

Ninety-three-year-old Vic Ide was having serious health problems last winter. His family thinks a chance meeting with another Navy veteran may have saved his life.

“I saw the world and the ship was like a mother. It took care of you,” Joe Keilen said.

For Joe, the ship was the USS Shangri-La, and it took care of him from 1958-1962. It did the same for Vic Ide from 1945-1947.

But despite similar life experiences, Vic and Joe didn’t know each other until about nine months ago.

“A nurse told my daughter, ‘I will give your dad three days to live,’” Vic said.

Last winter, Vic had a heart attack and his outlook wasn’t good. His family got him into a hospice program that matches veterans with veteran volunteers. That’s when fate paired one Navy man with another.

Watch the video here…

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