A Deadly Double Standard

“The purpose of the criminal law isn’t to give options and choices to some; it’s to give protection to all of us and, particularly, the most vulnerable among us.” -Robert Preston


A deadly double standard features the story of Claire Freeman, who has been a tetraplegic since her neck was broken in a car accident at the age of 17.

Following four failed suicide attempts, both a psychiatrist and a psychologist at a suicide outreach clinic suggested to Claire that she go overseas for assisted suicide. They saw only her disability and assumed that her life had little value. They validated her desire to die, instead of exploring the reasons behind her desire to end her life.

But while making preparations to travel to a Swiss assisted suicide clinic, Claire realized that it wasn’t her physical condition that made her want to end her life but her lifestyle and mental health…

Had assisted suicide been legal in New Zealand, Claire wouldn’t be alive today – and that scares her.  The End of Life Choice Bill, should it pass, would see situations like Claire’s regularly arise, with doctors making assumptions about the value of their patients’ lives. And it would give these doctors the power to assist in the suicides of any number of patients struggling with their mental health.

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