Patients' Rights Action Fund


John Kelly, in a powered wheelchair, wearing a button down shirt and yellow tie, sits at a desk with microphones pointed at him. A woman sits on his left in a teal shirt.

To end the dangerous and discriminatory public policy of assisted suicide.

The Patients' Rights Action Fund (PRAF)

is a leading national, non-partisan single-issue organization that protects the rights of patients, people with disabilities, older adults, and other historically underrepresented groups from deadly harm and discrimination inherent in assisted suicide laws.

PRAF advocates for patient access to high quality multidisciplinary end-of-life care, and we work against efforts that make assisted suicide a legal medical treatment that shields doctors and other medical professionals who participate in their patients’ suicides from all liability.

We do this primarily by building and supporting broad-based coalitions of diverse grassroots organizations and individuals who span the political and policy spectrum: disability and civil rights advocates; medical professionals, associations and societies; patients, care-givers, and their families; faith-based organizations; as well as groups supporting the underserved and other stakeholders that oppose assisted suicide laws.

Our motivation is the preservation of patients’ civil and human rights.

Our passion is for all patients to be treated with equal human dignity, no matter their health or disability status nor a perceived low “quality of life.”

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