Advocates for Assisted Suicide Begin to Fear the Case in California

Proponents of assisted suicide are beginning to write articles and speak up about their worries and opposition to the case filed in California to end assisted suicide. 

While the initial response to this groundbreaking case was severely delayed, opinion pieces and statements of opposition to the case are beginning to increase. 

In a recent article in the San Fransisco Chronicle, an advocate for assisted suicide, Charles Entrekin, writes, “The plaintiffs also argue that these vulnerable populations could be coerced into taking their own lives by family members or caregivers. The data doesn’t support them.” Following this declaration, the author cites an assembly member that declared there have been no instances of abuse. 

While a lack of abuse would be a preferable outcome, this assembly member and the author of this San Fransisco Chronicle piece have clearly never read the personal stories of Kate Cheney, Michael Freeland, Thomas Middleton, and others cited in this document recounting many ways that assisted suicide “safeguards” and “protections” are avoided, misused, or outright abused. There is evidence of abuse and this is one of the many reasons the case to see the end of assisted suicide laws in California is worthy of support.

The state of California needs to be stopped from running a deadly system that violates anti-discrimination law and is unconstitutional because it steers people with disabilities towards death by suicide and away from necessary mental health and palliative care and disability accommodations.

People with disabilities need healthcare, not a prescription for death.

Learn more at EndAssistedSuicide.org

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