American Medical Association’s CEJA again recommends AMA remain opposed to assisted suicide


The American Medical Association’s Council on Ethical and Judicial Affairs has released its new report and recommends once again that the AMA retain its position in opposition to assisted suicide.

At the AMA’s annual meeting in June of 2018, the House of Delegates referred CEJA’s report back to the Council rather than affirming it.  CEJA’s decision to again recommend  that the AMA remain opposed to assisted suicide is a tremendous victory!   We commend CEJA for carefully researching the issue not only in the United States, but globally as well, and for continuing to recognize the dangers inherent with assisted suicide.

This news comes the same week that both the Virginia and Washington State medical societies also reaffirm their opposition to assisted suicide.  The Washington State medical society continues to oppose assisted suicide, despite the fact that assisted suicide is legal in Washington State.  The World Medical Association also recently stood firm in its opposition to assisted suicide.

Read CEJA’s report here…

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