Anita Cameron’s Story

Anita Cameron
Anita Cameron, a board member of the group “Not Dead Yet,” opposes Proposition 106.

Assisted Suicide:

Black and Latino People
REJECT Assisted Suicide

Anita Cameron’s Story

“As a Black Latina, I could never wrap my head around the assisted suicide phenomenon. I thought that it was some odd thing that privileged White people were into.”


Anita is professionally and personally aware of the fact that Black and Brown people strongly oppose assisted suicide. A Massachusetts 2012 referendum on assisted suicide revealed majority Hispanic towns voted as much as 69% against assisted suicide. A Massachusetts precinct that voted 99% for Barack Obama also voted 72% against assisted suicide. Towns with wealthy and white populations throughout the state voted for it.

Legislators, most of whom are from the same demographic as those pushing for assisted suicide, may ignore the fact that Black and Brown communities reject assisted suicide, and for good reason.


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