April State Status Update

We celebrate victories in Connecticut, Maryland, and New Mexico!

CONNECTICUT: Assisted suicide was defeated once again in Connecticut. Connecticut Legislature rejected the latest effort to legalize assisted suicide and bill SB1076 did not go forward. 

Once again, the state of Connecticut has made the right decision to protect patients.

MARYLAND: The Maryland legislative session officially ended earlier this week (April 10th), so HB 933 and SB 845, are now dead for this year. These two bills would have legalized assisted suicide in Maryland.

We are thankful for our advocates on the ground that lead the stop to this deadly and discriminatory bill. 

NEW MEXICO: New Mexico has amended their “End of Life Options Act” [Assisted Suicide Law] to allow medical professionals the right to decline participation in these dangerous and discriminatory laws if they object for conscience reasons.

This provides doctors with the freedom to protect patients at risk of deadly harm. We are grateful for this victory!

Statement for Alzheimer’s Awareness Month

Statement on Alzheimer’s Awareness Month Dolly’s World is overseen by a Wisconsin matriarch with dementia who surrounds herself with dolls and lovingly cares for them. Just as her dolls need her, she also needs 24/7 care which her family provides by taking turns to stay with her and keeping the public aware of what goes

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Psychiatrists Warn of Assisted Suicide for Mental Illness

Psychiatrists Warn of Assisted Suicide for Mental Illness A recent article in the National Post discussed the differences that several Canadian psychiatrists have when discussing assisted suicide for those with mental illness. Several psychiatrists oppose extending Canada’s assisted suicide laws and the fact that they put vulnerable people at risk of deadly harm. Below is

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Summary of Massachusetts Hearing 10/20/23

Summary of Massachusetts Hearing Last Friday on October 20th, 2023 between 9:00 a.m. and 12:45 p.m., Massachusetts civil rights champions assembled and outnumbered assisted suicide proponents at the Massachusetts State House to ask Massachusetts legislators to once again vote “NO” to the dangerous and discriminatory public policy of assisted suicide. Notable testimony was provided by

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