April State Status Update

We celebrate victories in Connecticut, Maryland, and New Mexico!

CONNECTICUT: Assisted suicide was defeated once again in Connecticut. Connecticut Legislature rejected the latest effort to legalize assisted suicide and bill SB1076 did not go forward. 

Once again, the state of Connecticut has made the right decision to protect patients.

MARYLAND: The Maryland legislative session officially ended earlier this week (April 10th), so HB 933 and SB 845, are now dead for this year. These two bills would have legalized assisted suicide in Maryland.

We are thankful for our advocates on the ground that lead the stop to this deadly and discriminatory bill. 

NEW MEXICO: New Mexico has amended their “End of Life Options Act” [Assisted Suicide Law] to allow medical professionals the right to decline participation in these dangerous and discriminatory laws if they object for conscience reasons.

This provides doctors with the freedom to protect patients at risk of deadly harm. We are grateful for this victory!

Matt Vallière in the LA Times

Matt Vallière in the Los Angeles Times Thanks to the LA Times for sharing Matt’s letter, which strongly opposes assisted suicide laws. Read his letter to the editor below: Steve Lopez asks, “Will the option [of assisted suicide] be there for others?” To plaintiffs in the referenced lawsuit and many in the disability, older adult

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33rd Anniversary of ADA

Celebrating 33 Years of the ADA Today marks the 33rd anniversary of the signing of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). On this day, July 26th, 1990, the ADA was signed and enshrined civil rights protections into law for people with disabilities. Today and every ADA anniversary, the Patients’ Rights Action Fund (PRAF) celebrates the

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Advocates for Assisted Suicide Begin to Fear the Case in California

Advocates for Assisted Suicide Begin to Fear the Case in California Proponents of assisted suicide are beginning to write articles and speak up about their worries and opposition to the case filed in California to end assisted suicide.  While the initial response to this groundbreaking case was severely delayed, opinion pieces and statements of opposition

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