Assisted Suicide debate comes to Beacon Hill

Scores of people testified before the Joint Committee on Public Health on the Massachusetts End of Life Options Act…

Opponents, including people with disabilities and terminal illnesses, said they feared successful legislation would put pressure on the poor and underprivileged to end their lives and give insurance companies incentives to deny treatment.

“As a black Latina, I could never wrap my head around the assisted suicide phenomenon,” said Anita Cameron, director of minority outreach for the Rochester, New York, disability rights group Not Dead Yet.

“I thought it was some odd thing that privileged white people were into,” Cameron said.

A Pew Research Study in 2013 showed more support for the movement among whites than blacks and Latinos, which Cameron said is not surprising since the latter populations are underserved by the existing health care system.

Read more at the Cape Cod Times…

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