Assisted suicide is not about autonomy. It’s a tragedy that we shouldn’t allow.

Assisted suicide is becoming more popular throughout the developed world. The New Zealand Parliament is currently debating its legalization. A legalization proposal in Guernsey in the United Kingdom was recently voted down, but in nearby Jersey a majority of politicians up for election support legalization. Assisted suicide and in some cases outright euthanasia are legal in a number of Western European countries: Switzerland, Belgium, Luxembourg, the Netherlands. In America, meanwhile, assisted suicide is legal in several states and the District of Columbia.

This is a tragedy.

In part the tragedy is a practical one: As suicide becomes increasingly mainstream and accepted, even celebrated, the number of people doing it will certainly rise, and the boundaries of its application will expand. There is troubling evidence that, where it has been legalized, the number of suicides has risen for people with no terminal illness. In the Netherlands over a period of several years, according to one survey, there was a sharp increase in people killing themselves due to psychiatric distress, namely depression and loneliness.

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