Bill would usher in assisted suicide and harm the vulnerable

In 2012, voters defeated assisted suicide at the polls. However, this has not deterred its proponents who have introduced H.1194, “An Act Relative to End of Life Options.” The title of the bill softens the harsh reality of the actual intent – legalizing assisted suicide. A public hearing on the bill is scheduled for Tuesday, September 26.

H.1194 would serve only a very small population who believe they have a “right” to determine when they die and want the “right” to commit suicide legally. This legislation, if passed, however, would endanger the lives of many others including the poor, older people, and those with disabilities, including veterans. As a veteran myself, I am deeply concerned about promoting suicide at a time when veterans are committing suicide at an alarming rate. On top of that, insurance companies would certainly find it cheaper to pay for a lethal prescription rather than more costly treatment as has already happened in states with legal assisted suicide.

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