California’s physician-assisted suicide law is overturned — for now

Nearly two years after it was enacted, California’s physician-assisted suicide law is, at least for the moment, no longer in effect…

What’s happened so far?

Opponents of the End of Life Option Act filed a lawsuit hoping to overturn the law on the day it took effect in 2016.

On May 15 this year, Ottolia ruled that the law was unconstitutional because the California Legislature had passed the bill during a special session dedicated to healthcare issues. He ordered the law voided, but the decision did not immediately take effect.

The aid-in-dying legislation was approved in 2015 and made the state the fifth in the nation to legalize the practice…

California Atty. Gen. Xavier Becerra appealed Ottolia’s decision Monday, arguing that the ruling was erroneous because aid-in-dying is indeed a healthcare issue and thus appropriate for the special legislative session.

Becerra also asked that the 4th District Court of Appeal order that the law be kept in place during the appeals process, but a three-judge panel denied Becerra’s request.

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