Canada's Assisted Suicide Laws Expanded to Include People with Mental Illness

As Canada nears the implementation of amendments to their euthanasia and assisted suicide laws in March 2023, growing concern rises. These laws remove the alleged “safeguard” that a person must have a terminal illness to apply for assisted suicide. Now, those who are experiencing mental illness will be able to apply.

A proponent of the shift in the law says “she sees the expansion of the law to include patients with mental illnesses as ‘a good thing.’ She anticipates that ‘the number of people with mental illnesses who seek and obtain MAID will be miniscule.’”

People for assisted suicide claim that existing “safeguards” are working, despite significant evidence to the contrary, but what happens when the government itself removes the “safeguards” and promotes assisted suicide for even for those with non-terminal disabilities? The law is going from bad to worse.

Advocates against assisted suicide states that “‘There is a grave concern that, if assisted dying is made available for all persons with a health condition or impairment,’ the UN reporters warned in a report, ‘a social assumption might follow (or be subtly reinforced) that it is better to be dead than to live with a disability.’”

People who suffer from PTSD, eating disorders, depression, bipolar affective disorders, or other mental illnesses will not receive the care they need for their often episodic conditions and treatable with good care, but rather will be denied such care and offered an irreversible “option” for death from the very people who closed the doors to good care. That’s not autonomy, that is the steering of quiet eugenics.

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