Newfound Disabilities Drive Requests For Assisted Suicide

Matt Fairchild died by assisted suicide after a 10 year battle with Stage 2 melanoma.

However, this story does not cite pain as the primary reason Matt Fairchild died by assisted suicide. His widow explains in a video that “hospice did their best… but he could not stand up on his own, he could not go to the bathroom on his own, he could not even sit up on his own.”

Taking nothing away from Mr. Fairchild’s suffering or his illness, these are all newfound disabilities. There are millions in this country who cannot stand up, go to the bathroom, or sit up on their own who deserve assisted suicide prevention care when they feel that those disabilities are too much to bear and ask for help in suicide.

For people with disabilities, it is vital to ensure that they have access to care, services, and supports. Assisted suicide laws are most often used by people with disability-related concerns, like feeling a burden on their family, loss of the ability to control bodily functions, and loss of mobility. Advocating for a public policy motivated by a fear of disability sends the message that disability is a fate worse than death

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Mental Illness is not a Terminal Diagnosis

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Life With Dignity

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