Doctor-assisted suicide invites discrimination against poor, disabled

I’m urging Nevadans to oppose doctor-assisted suicide. It’s back every legislative session, like a bad dream that just won’t end.

As a disability-rights advocate, I am concerned about choice, self-determination and bodily autonomy and that is why I am opposed to the legalization of doctor-assisted suicide. Unfortunately, Sen. David Parks is bringing back the suicide bill the Legislature failed to pass last session and many sessions before since 2005. And the disability community is frightened, intimidated and nearly despondent that we must again face days of testimony, suddenly changed hearing times and listening to supporters tell us we’d be better off dead.

The most important thing to understand is that once a bill like this passes, public and private insurers immediately will end our access to some lifesaving treatments for expensive conditions; life-preserving treatments that will not cure, but which many people with disabilities rely on to continue living; and pain relieving medications.

This is not innocent.

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