Doctors Say “Kill the Pain, Not the Patient”

Dozens of doctors, nurses, and other medical professionals from across the state are at the State Capitol today to make the medical case against legalizing physician-assisted suicide.

“Today we will meet with our elected representatives to explain the adverse impacts that a policy of doctor-assisted suicide would have on our patients, and on the medical profession,” said Dr. John O’Brien, a family practitioner from central New York. “We do not believe that physicians can logically, medically or ethically treat one patient while assisting another to commit suicide,” he stated.

“No one should have to spend their final days in torment,” said Dr. Mary-Ellen Edmiston, a palliative care specialist from Syracuse. “It is the physician’s duty to his or her patients to use the most effective tools available to relieve suffering, and modern medicine can provide very effective symptom relief with high quality hospice care,” she said.

Read more at the NY Alliance Against Assisted Suicide’s website….

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