Dying of Despair: the Casualties Are Mounting

I began my work against assisted suicide in 1993. In the intervening years, I have witnessed a very disturbing change. When I began, the emotional zeitgeist of society focused intensely on preventing suicide.

Today, in many cases, the emotional oomph (if you will) supports suicide, not in all cases to be sure, but certainly in some.   There has been a concomitant downgrading of suicide prevention intensity.

As I wrote a few years ago, we now have what I call “invisible” suicide prevention campaigns.

I write this because there is a very good article in First Things by UC Irvine psychiatrist Aaron Kheriaty that explores the general issue of suicide. He diagnoses the causes of our crisis as coming from a loss of hope, and to some degree, the decline of religious practice (as distinguished from affiliation).

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