Efforts to Introduce ‘Death With Dignity’ Laws in PA Stall

By: Jacob Tierney
Pittsburgh Tribune Review

Seconds after Lana Lindauer stepped out of her husband’s bedroom to fetch his medicine, she heard the shot.

John Vogeleer used a handgun to take his life.

“I came out of the kitchen to get the prescription bag. ‘Bang!’ And I went flying back in, and I saw the most horrible thing I’ve ever seen in my life,” the Hempfield resident said.

Lindauer has suffered panic attacks since her husband’s death in November 2014, but she doesn’t resent his decision. In fact, she said she is proud of him.

She just wishes he could have taken his life quietly — and with assistance from a doctor.

“It would have been better for my husband, and for me, if I could have sat with him, legally, while his mind was good, and he took pills,” Lindauer said.

Efforts to introduce “Death with Dignity” legislation to the Pennsylvania General Assembly have repeatedly stalled, but some lawmakers and activists think future efforts will succeed as other states enact similar laws.

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