Employers Need to Address ‘Caregiving Crisis,’ Study Finds

Consistently, one of the top reasons patients request assisted suicide is fear of becoming a burden on their family, friends and caregivers (Oregon Health Data).

new study by a pair of Harvard Business School researchers finds that employers underestimate, to their detriment, the struggle their employees face in balancing their professional and caregiving responsibilities. 

Almost three quarters of U.S. workers face some kind of caregiving responsibility, they found. Of those, 32% say they have left a job because they couldn’t balance work and family duties, and more than 80% say their responsibilities at home keep them from doing their best at work. And 28% said their caregiving obligations had hurt their careers because they didn’t receive challenging assignments or because they had been passed over for raises or promotions.

Employers, as a result, have to deal with more labor turnover and less-productive workers. Assessing the cost to firms is difficult, but the study suggests it is high. Employers, by and large, are unaware, said Joseph Fuller, a Harvard Business School professor and co-author of the report.

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