Father with an aggressive brain tumour who’s lived eight YEARS beyond his prognosis has written a book about his experience

A man who has lived eight years longer than his medical prognosis, has revealed how he was able to publish a book despite having surgery to remove the part of the brain that enables reading.

Martino Sclavi, 46, from London who was first diagnosed with Glioblastoma grade IV in 2011, has lived eight years beyond his prognosis.

The father-of-one was 38-years-old when he began to experience symptoms such as headaches, that he thought were stress related, while working on a film project with close friend Russell Brand in Los Angeles.

He was given an emergency operation after being rushed to hospital, before receiving further treatment by medical experts in Rome…

Speaking about his initial reaction to the diagnosis, he continued: ‘I definitely felt a bit confused. Discussions happened over my head but they felt surreal, like they weren’t about me.

‘I had never thought about brain cancer. I first thought there would be a plan but no one really has a plan with brain tumours.

‘Not even the extended group of my friends or my family. With a sudden diagnosis of 18 months to live, we were all lost, disoriented. Everyone was looking for clinical trials for this specific type of tumor.

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