From scammers to euthanasia advocates, these are dark days in old ladydom

These are perilous times for tottering toward old ladydom. The women’s mags cut your life support at 50 unless you’re Helen Mirren, sooner if you’re not, in which case you might as well sign up for the Philip Nitschke death machine, with optional funeral casket.

What a sensitive Christmas present that would be for elderly women. If they’re not already being scammed of their last dollar online, they run the risk of falling victim to the government.

Economic Development Minister David Parker is reportedly keen to dip into the Super Fund and set aside hundreds of millions of dollars to back bright new business ideas, potentially undermining the security of many old ladies, who live longer than men, for years to come.

This strikes me as reckless. Too many people’s life savings have already gone down the gurgler in retirement schemes and “safe bet” investments that ruined the elderly.

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