Hawai‘i Hospice Executive Director Already Advocating for Expansion of Assisted Suicide Law


Proponents of assisted suicide argue that 20 years of data from Oregon proves that you can place an indestructible fence of “safeguards” around assisted suicide laws that prevents against mistakes, coercion, abuse, and expansion.  However, opponents of assisted suicide point to Belgium, the Netherlands, and Canada as evidence of the inevitable slippery slope of expansion when death becomes a socially accepted medical treatment.

Sadly, Americans need look no further than Hawai’i to see how assisted suicide opens up a Pandora’s box of problems as soon as it is legalized.  Assisted suicide just became legal in Hawai’i in January 2019.  And now we see that four short months later, the executive director of North Hawai’i Hospice is already suggesting that the law be expanded in the future to patients with dementia and Alzheimer’s.

…“Maybe in the future, there will be a way that the law could be changed where a person could make a statement and be recorded while they are still able to make that choice—and that could become the basis for using medical aid in dying for a dementia patient,” Brooks said…

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