In US and Canada, assisted suicide laws endanger people with disabilities


The media is ignoring a major US report on assisted suicide.

Speeches by supporters of assisted suicide always include a big shout-out for people with disabilities. Hey, guys, you’re top on our list of favs; we’re just working out the delicate balance against individual rights. Just hang in there; we love youse all. Which, translated, means that the fears of people with disabilities are going to be ignored.

Unsurprisingly, a major authoritative report by the US National Council on Disabilities, a federal agency, on disability and assisted suicide has been overlooked by the media. Assisted Suicide Laws and Their Danger to People with Disabilities is a scathing analysis of arguments in favour of assisted suicide.

As the report – which was released last week — points out: “Many national disability rights organizations oppose the legalization of assisted suicide. All national groups that have taken a position are opposed.” The report finds that safeguards are ineffective and that there is little oversight of abuses and mistakes.

Why wasn’t this on the front page of the New York Times? Or even on Page 13?

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