Introducing Deputy Coalitions Director for Disability Outreach

Introducing PRAF's New
Deputy Coalitions Director for Disability Outreach: Ian McIntosh

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The Patients’ Rights Action Fund (PRAF) is pleased to announce a new focus for our colleague, Ian McIntosh, who will now be our Deputy Coalitions Director for Disability Outreach. He has long personal experiences with the intersection of disability and healthcare. Those experiences include being a patient/consumer as a person with a disability whose life was significantly affected following a serious car accident; as an end-of-life caregiver; and as a spouse to a person with disabilities. In addition to Ian’s extensive personal connection to the disability community, Ian has taken action and interest in the disability rights movement as well. He has participated in disability rights advocacy events and written on various topics, having been published in the International Journal of Disability, Community, & Rehabilitation. Ian’s professional experience in outreach is also informed by his leadership with labor union organization in his native Ontario, Canada.


Ian is the perfect fit for this much-needed role for the movement as PRAF continues to work hard to elevate the disability voice and others to end the dangerous and inherently discriminatory public policy of assisted suicide.  When some people get suicide prevention, and others get suicide help, namely people with life-threatening disabilities, there is a two-tiered system of medicine resulting in death to the devalued group.  PRAF and our allies won’t stop till assisted suicide laws are a thing of the past.  

“I could not be more excited to have such a compassionate, understanding colleague in Ian who has already brought to bear his years of experience and perspective into our work.  The team is grateful for your diligence in accessibility for and outreach to people with disabilities.”

~ Matt Vallière, PRAF Executive Director


“PRAF has done a lot to draw attention to the authentic voices of people with disabilities on these issues over the years, and we’re really looking forward to working with a new PRAF colleague who’s part of the disability community and dedicated full time to the mission we share.”

~ Diane Coleman, President/CEO Not Dead Yet 


“I am honored and excited about the opportunity to advocate with and on behalf of the community. I look forward to serving in this new role and the work ahead.”

~ Ian McIntosh, PRAF Deputy Coalitions Director for Disability Outreach


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