Italian woman, 85, ends her life at Swiss euthanasia clinic because she was upset about losing her looks


A healthy Italian woman paid a Swiss right-to-die clinic to take her life because she was ‘unhappy about losing her looks’. 

Oriella Cazzanello, 85, travelled to a clinic in Basel, Switzerland, where she paid €10,000 for an assisted suicide.

The elderly woman, who was in good mental and physical health, disappeared from her home in Arzignano, near Vicenza in northern Italy, without telling her relatives where she was going.

Her family, who had reported her to the police as missing, only learnt of her death after they received her ashes and death certificate from the clinic.

Mrs Cazzanello chose to end her life because she was ‘weighed down by ageing and the inevitable loss of the looks of which she was proud’ the Italian news agency ANSA reported.

The well-to-do pensioner was also suffering from loneliness.

Her brother and other relatives had not heard from her since the end of January, but were not unduly concerned, as Mrs Cazzanello, was an ‘independent’ person who would often take herself on spa weekends…

Assisted suicide is legal in Switzerland even if the person requesting it is not terminally ill.

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