JJ is likely in his final days

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

I write with some grave news.  JJ Hanson, our president and terminal brain cancer patient-advocate, who has outlived a 4-month prognosis by over 3 years, was admitted to Memorial Sloan Kettering in NYC, where they took an MRI yesterday.  The cancer has grown significantly since his last scan on Nov. 1st, and his medical team believes he likely has only a few weeks left.  He plans to go home to avail himself of excellent hospice and palliative care and enjoy these days with his wife, Kris, his two boys, James and Lucas, his family, and friends.
JJ, thank you for your courage in the face of mortality, for fighting for the vulnerable, though weak physically and emotionally at times yourself, and giving us all an example of living life to its fullest.  Thank you for sharing your story with the world to give others hope and encouragement.  We love you.
With a Heavy Heart,

M.P. Vallière
Executive Director
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