Kristen Hanson & Ashton Ellis Discuss Advanced Healthcare Directives on Fight Back! Podcast


Kristen Hanson, Community Relations Advocate with the Patients Rights Action Fund, joins host Steve Poizner on the Fight Back! podcast to discuss advanced healthcare directives, an important legal document that addresses such end-of-life issues as “do not resuscitate” orders, treatment options, healthcare proxies, and more.  Ashton Ellis, who is an attorney and expert on advanced directives, also joins the podcast.

Visit our website to access our new free downloadable advanced directive form for California residents. If you live in a state other than California, you should have the document reviewed for legality in your state.

This document was created collaboratively with lawyers, physicians and disability rights advocates, all familiar with the potential complexity of end- of-life situations to ensure your rights are represented if something were to happen to you.

Click here to listen to the podcast…

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