Latest Euthanasia Data from Quebec


“While many people are affected by euthanasia and assisted suicide, it’s the lives of people with disabilities, elders and people with chronic and degenerative illnesses that are on the line. The one thing that everyone eligible for these practices has in common is disability. People with disabilities are also the least represented in the debate on euthanasia and assisted suicide. This has to change.”

Summary of the latest euthanasia data from Quebec:

Current reporting period: July 1, 2017-March 31, 2018 (The period has been altered to coincide with Québec’s fiscal year. Subsequent reports will be from April 1 to March 31.)

  • A “medical treatment” that was supposed to be an exceptional option in exceptional cases, that is now in regular use, regardless of whether palliative care is in place;
  • Substantial increases in the number of people being euthanized every six months, for a total of 1,664 (as of last March); not counting 1,831 continuous palliative sedations performed since 2015;
  • 171 deaths unaccounted for;
  • 67 deaths where compliance could not be determined;
  • 22 deaths where important procedural safeguards were not followed;
  • 7 deaths of people we know were not eligible for euthanasia; and
  • Hundreds of instances where doctors don’t file reports, refuse or were unable to provide information necessary to determine whether they complied with safeguards or the person was eligible for euthanasia.
  • Isn’t that enough evidence to show that something’s amiss?

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