Love story? Elderly couple’s suicides raise serious moral questions

Sometimes a major milestone in morality can pass with almost no one apparently noticing, or at least few understanding what is taking place and the significance of the events. Evidently, one those moral milestones was passed on March 27, just a few days ago, and the events took place in a nursing home near Toronto, Canada.As The Globe and Mail tells us, it was the story of a couple married almost 73 years, an elderly couple who defined their life as one long love story, and a couple who intended to see that love story all the way to the end that they would plan together, which was a mutual simultaneous physician-assisted suicide.

As The Global and Mail reports, the couple known as the Brickendens, are the first couple who spoke about their plans for their physician-assisted suicides publicly. As the reporter tells us: “They wanted to explain what it meant to them to die at a time and place of their choosing, as at least 2,149 Canadians and likely hundreds more have done since assisted dying became legal in this country.”

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