Maryland Assisted Suicide Bill Dies

Senate Bill 311, dubbed the End of Life Options Act, died in the state Senate Wednesday with a tie vote of 23-23. The House of Delegates passed the measure, 74-66, following a heated debate.

The legislation had already failed several times before in the state’s General Assembly.

When the bill moved on to the state Senate, a committee added many requirements for terminally ill patients to obtain the lethal drugs required to commit suicide.

The measure that passed the House of Delegates would have allowed terminally ill individuals who have been told they have less than six months to live to request the lethal drugs.

A coalition called Maryland Against Physician Assisted Suicide celebrated the defeat of the bill on Twitter:

“This is a great victory for everyone who fought so hard to educate Maryland legislators about why physician-assisted suicide is unnecessary, dangerous, and wrong for our residents,” said a post on the coalition’s website. “Together we showed that, even though this is an extremely controversial issue, when legislators really learn about the details of this proposal, and especially its lack of safeguards for our most vulnerable residents, they see that it should not pass.”

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