Massachusetts lawmakers consider ‘assisted suicide’ bill


Massachusetts lawmakers heard testimony Tuesday on a proposal to authorize physician-assisted suicides.

For the 5th year in a row, lawmakers on Beacon Hill are considering a proposal to legalize lethal injections, and there are a few provisions in the bill that you should know about.

On Tuesday, members of the Public Health Committee heard testimony on Senate Bill 12-08. The legislation would allow a licensed doctor to administer life-ending drugs to terminally ill individuals…

Many of the protections included in the bill aim to prevent someone from being forced into taking life-ending drugs, but opponents said that’s already happening in other states.

“It’s a lot cheaper to grab a bunch of pills and kill you than to offer you life-saving or life-sustaining treatment,” T Brian Callister, internal medicine specialist said.

Opponents of the bill believe insurance companies will push for ‘medically assisted suicide’ so they don’t have to fund more costly, life-extending treatment options.

Watch the video coverage on Fox 22 News…

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