Matt Vallière Responds to New York Times Article

The New York Times shared an article titled “Is Choosing Death Too Easy in Canada?” on September 18th, 2022.

Executive Director of the Patients’ Rights Action Fund, Matt Vallière, wrote a letter to the editor responding to this article.

He writes: 

“When care is denied or even merely delayed by budget-strapped public programs or greedy U.S. for-profit insurers, while assisted suicide is available, it sounds a lot less like choice and more like coercion and a quiet form of eugenics…”

Click here to read the whole article. 

DEA Comments

Comments on the Proposed DEA Regulation The Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) has proposed a regulation which will require an in-person visit between doctor and patient prior to the prescribing of certain drugs. While telehealth provides access for many patients with chronic disease or disability – there is the opportunity for abuse. We support the intent

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Once the Door is Opened to Euthanasia, the Slope will Slip

Once the Door is Opened to Euthanasia, the Slope will Slip Recently, Dr. Mark S. Komrad provided comments on the sickening story of a Belgian criminal euthanized at the end of February, 2023. His words provide exceptional insight into the ever slippery slope of assisted suicide. Read his insight below:   This story I find

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Mental Illness is not a Terminal Diagnosis

Mental Illness is not a Terminal Diagnosis Canada announced a delay in the implementation of assisted suicide for people with mental health disabilities. Since this delay, many proponents of and advocates against these laws have spoken up about this decision. Mr. Ashley Geddes wrote an article in the Alberta Times covering some of the reactions

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