The mission of the Patients Rights Action Fund (PRAF) is to protect the rights of patients, people with disabilities, and others inadvertently targeted by pro-doctor assisted suicide legislation. PRAF is the national coordinated movement to promote measures that protect patients’ civil rights, to weaken the breadth and effectiveness of pro-assisted suicide laws and rulings, to work toward repeal of the same, and to oppose efforts to make suicide a legal medical treatment option.


How we Win:


The only effective way to accomplish these goals is through strong local coalitions of state-level organizations remaining vigilant and ready for action. The key to victory is early support and thorough research for optimum campaign strategy. Therefore, Patients Rights Action works diligently to connect new and existing grassroots organizations to build coalitions that, despite their widely differing purposes and ideologies, organize against assisted suicide. Our role is to provide and guide strategy, having fought and won this battle many times before.


Our efforts include:


• Build coalitions of new and existing diverse grassroots organizations that oppose assisted suicide on the state level and aid existing coalitions to that end;
• Provide communications resources;
• Help jumpstart advocacy, legal and campaign efforts when legislation, ballot measures or litigation is being considered;
• Conduct public opinion research on public and voter attitudes about assisted suicide;
• Educate through online, TV, and radio and newspaper advocacy;
• Monitor Compassion & Choices (formerly the Hemlock Society) actions and its well-funded political campaign to promote assisted suicide normalization.


The Patients Rights Action Fund has assisted successful efforts to combat assisted suicide legislation and ballot measures in states like Massachusetts, Connecticut, Vermont and California


Our Key Partners:


The Patients Rights Action Fund partners with existing local coalitions and activists such as disability rights advocates, local medical associations and societies, faith-based organizations and groups serving the underserved, and other stakeholders. By organizing early, educating and engaging the public at large, the fundamental struggle can be won for public opinion and sentiment.


How YOU Can Help:


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