National Council on Disability Releases its Report: The Dangers of Assisted Suicide Laws


Dear Friends,

An Assisted Suicide Report released last night by the National Council on Disability (NCD) to the President of the United States is a major and important element in our efforts to keep lethal drugs out of our states and communities.  Many thanks to NCD for its outstanding work on this project.

“The Patients Rights Action Fund applauds the National Council on Disability for their thorough research that documents how assisted suicide laws and practice are a direct assault on the dignity and lives of people with disabilities. In both the practice and the public policy itself, assisted suicide is inherently discriminatory against people with disabilities, making the struggle to gain equal access to health care even more difficult, resulting in death for the devalued protected class. The hollow safeguards add insult to the injury that only people with disabilities qualify for assisted suicide laws. We encourage Congress, HHS, and providers alike to act on NCD’s recommendations because assisted suicide not only puts the lives of vulnerable people at risk, but is a pressing threat to equal protection.”



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