Nevada lawmakers hear arguments on assisted suicide bill

Nevada lawmakers are once again considering legislation to allow terminal patients to kill themselves with medication prescribed by a doctor…

Supporters argue the legislation will let the patients who are suffering die with dignity and end their pain. Opponents argue the measure gives insurance companies the ability to defer to physician-assisted suicide instead of paying for higher cost treatment. Other opponents argued the bill will lead to abuse against people with disabilities and give some an easy path to suicide.

Kristen Hanson with Patients Rights Action Fund told lawmakers about her husband, who was diagnosed with brain cancer and told he had only months to live. Her husband outlived the prognosis by more than three and a half years, but he could have had the life-ending medication available to him on his darkest days had it been legalized, she said.

“If he had suicide pills, he said that he might have taken them. And you can’t undo that. You can’t unmake that choice,” she said.

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