Nevada Senate passes bill legalizing doctor-assisted suicide

Public polling has been on the side of physician-assisted suicide for years. Gallup has tracked the issue almost yearly from 1996 through 2015. They’ve used different verbiage to ask the question, referring to it as both “suicide” and “end the patient’s life by some painless means.”

The polling never dipped below 50 percent, even when Gallup referred to it as “suicide.” Support matched an all-time high in 2015 with 68 percent of respondents in favor.

That support hasn’t assuaged everyone. State Sen. Joe Hardy, a Republican from Boulder City and a physician, said he was concerned on multiple fronts: faith, morality and hang-ups about possible coercion from relatives of the sick individual.

“The concept of there is no coercion I think is misunderstood,” Hardy said. “There is an implied coercion if it is not overt.”

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