We are proud to introduce our next Coalitions Director, María José Fernandez Flores!

A young Latina woman with shoulder length brown curly hair, medium skin, and dark eyes smiles at the camera. She is wearing a white blouse and black jacket.

María José came to apply through our mutual connections at California League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC), the oldest and largest Latino civil rights organization. She has worked in direct lobbying and worked in coalitions on human dignity issues, including assisted suicide, restorative justice, immigrant rights, victim empowerment, and advocacy on behalf of incarcerated persons. María José is a proud dreamer, born in Lima, Peru, who grew up in Northern California. She has an intuitive sense and passion for this issue, and we are grateful for her leadership and perspective.

Thankfully, we do not bid farewell to our immediate past Coalitions Director, Barbara Lyons, who has filled that role for the last seven years. Barbara will be staying on as a Deputy Coalitions Director and supporting María José as she transitions into her new role. We could not be more grateful for Barbara’s leadership, wisdom, and indefatigable spirit, and we are very grateful to continue our work with her. 


“I am very excited to welcome María José to the team. Her experience in advocacy and coalition work and her personal experiences will offer the leadership and perspective this movement needs as we forge ahead together to abolish assisted suicide laws.”

~ Matt Vallière, Executive Director 


“I am thrilled and honored to join the PRAF team and work alongside many champions of equality fighting on behalf of the vulnerable. I look forward to diving deeper in the movement and strengthening the fight with our diverse network of allies in the states.”

~ María José Fernandez Flores, Coalitions Director

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