November is National Hospice and Palliative Care Month

National Hospice and Palliative Care month is all November long. The goal is to raise awareness and support around the nation for programs that often go without notice…

To most, Hospice means ‘giving up’ and ‘dying’. Hospice is a word that most shun away from and avoid like it’s a catchable cold. Despite common misconception, it is none of these things.

Hospice means living every moment until your last breath, fulfilling your bucket list and continuing to make those memories.

Hospice means having an entire team of specialized and highly trained individuals to meet your needs and help you obtain closure while celebrating a life well lived.

Hospice means discovering ways to get your bucket list just that much shorter through coordination and scheduling by the hospice team.

Hospice means getting to watch that son marry the love of his life.

Hospice means watching that granddaughter, even through the use of technology, shoot the winning basketball shot.

Hospice means getting to go to the NFl Hall of Fame.

Hospice means getting to go shopping at your favorite store.

Hospice means truly living until your last breath.

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