Older, ill and disabled people deserve choice-promoting services, supports

I disagree with Joan Milnes’s call for passage of the assisted suicide bill now in the legislature (“Making a final choice about quality-of-life,” July 28). Her framing of it as an individual matter of “choice” about one’s so-called “quality-of-life” is prejudicial and dangerous.

Milnes’s example is her cousin Tony with cystic fibrosis who, at his doctors’ suggestion, had his life-sustaining ventilator turned off because he couldn’t speak or eat. But whereas Tony had the long-established privacy right — regardless of reason — to discontinue any bodily intervention, assisted suicide denies choice and endangers everyone. That’s because real choice resides with insurers, whose profit-maximizing denials of prescribed treatments can make you terminal.

Assisted suicide becomes the cheapest “medical treatment,” a “benefit” to be extended to evermore people. Choice belongs to abusive family and caregivers, who can bully you into requesting the drugs, witness the request, fetch the drugs, and even administer them without worry.

The bill grants complete immunity to anyone involved in the suicide. Doctor misdiagnosis puts 6 million people yearly at risk of severe harm, and 12% to 15% of people with a terminal diagnosis are not really dying. Hundreds of people have needlessly lost years of life to these mistakes. No choice there!

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