Oregon Lawmakers Consider Controversial Expansion to Assisted Suicide Law

Lawmakers in Oregon introduced four bills this year to expand assisted suicide, some with the goal of explicitly expanding the definition of “terminal disease,” making an ever increasing number of Oregon residents eligible for assisted suicide.

“Twenty-five years after Oregon voters passed the Death with Dignity Act, state lawmakers are considering a controversial modification that would allow patients to take lethal medication by means other than swallowing.

House Bill 2217 would define “self-administer” to include ingestion or any other delivery method…

The bill still generated heated opposition…’House Bill 2217 will ask medical professionals to actively assist terminally ill patients in the shortening of their lives,’ Pierce told the committee. ‘It is extraordinarily evil to ask medical professionals, who have dedicated their lives to prolonging human life and to relieving pain and suffering, to purposely shorten their patients’ lives … Leave the Death with Dignity Act alone.'”

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