As an organization with thousands of active volunteers nationwide, the Patients’ Rights Action Fund relies on a team of dedicated leaders that brings years of expertise in public policy legislation and advocacy to the fight against assisted suicide.

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Matt Vallière

President / Executive Director

Matt is a respected leader in the fight to end assisted suicide laws amongst PRAF’s many allies across the political and worldview spectra. He has spent years building bridges and developing relationships that have helped to forge a movement. Matt engages in public discourse as a thought leader in opposition to this dangerous and discriminatory public policy. He has been published in media outlets such as The Washington Post, The Hill, Real Clear Politics, Newsweek, and others.

Tim Rosales

Political Director

Tim has worked with PRAF for almost a decade and has been an advocate against assisted suicide for twice as long. Tim is a well-respected public affairs professional and has been integral to the diverse right-left coalition in California. Tim has brought vital knowledge and experience to bear in the movement.

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Barbara Lyons

Special Projects Coordinator

Following an impressive 40-year career working in public policy and advocacy for human dignity and healthcare equality, Barbara served as Coalitions Director for PRAF for 7 years. Barbara now works as Special Projects Coordinator focusing on research and legal issues and physician co-ordination.

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Ian McIntosh

Director for Disability Outreach

Ian has long personal experiences with the intersection of disability and healthcare and has advocated for and written on various topics, having been published in the International Journal of Disability, Community, & Rehabilitation. Ian’s professional experience in outreach is also informed by his leadership with labor union organization in his native Ontario, Canada. Ian handles the accessibility for and outreach to leaders in the disability rights movement and the disability community. 

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Jeremy Paff

Operations Director

Jeremy handles all of PRAF’s accounts payable and receivable. He navigates contract negotiations with executive staff and is a resource to our team for employment matters. His experience in venture capital and financial analysis is key to keeping PRAF’s lights on.

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Allyson Howell

Director of Communications

In her role at PRAF, Allyson is responsible for sharing the vision and mission in a clear and compelling way. Her years of experience well-position Allyson to oversee social media, design, content creation, and marketing. She is a passionate advocate for human dignity.

Jessica Rodgers

Coalitions Director

Jessica has a long history of advocacy work, most recently running a program for college students with disabilities. She brings prior experience in legislation and media, along with an educational focus on human services and gerontology. As coalitions director, Jessica works with diverse stakeholders across the country to protect the vulnerable from the dangers of assisted suicide.

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