Patients Have Access to Assisted Suicide but not Affordable Healthcare

When people with disabilities are not provided adequate healthcare, palliative care, long term services and supports, or hospice, but rather are encouraged to consider assisted suicide, it is communicated that they would be better off dead than disabled.

This is especially exemplified in an article about physicians in Canada, where the country “is using assisted suicide as a way of trying to ‘handle’ those with chronic, expensive medical issues that require extensive treatment.”

It is unacceptable to make assisted suicide affordable to those who have degenerative brain disorders, mental illness, or other disabilities while making it difficult or impossible for them to afford the care they need. That’s not autonomy, that’s steering.

“According to the Associated Press, hospitals are raising the possibility of assisted suicide with patients who hadn’t asked about it. These conversations are not motivated by quality of life but health care costs.” The reason healthcare providers in Canada are baselessly suggesting assisted suicide is to save money.

Victories of 2024

Update on State Victories We have two exciting victories in the fight against assisted suicide! Maryland will not be going forward with an assisted suicide bill, a huge win for our side! Additionally, the Virginia bill SB 280, which had passed in the Senate, failed to move forward in the House – despite last ditch

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Statement for Alzheimer’s Awareness Month

Statement on Alzheimer’s Awareness Month Dolly’s World is overseen by a Wisconsin matriarch with dementia who surrounds herself with dolls and lovingly cares for them. Just as her dolls need her, she also needs 24/7 care which her family provides by taking turns to stay with her and keeping the public aware of what goes

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Psychiatrists Warn of Assisted Suicide for Mental Illness

Psychiatrists Warn of Assisted Suicide for Mental Illness A recent article in the National Post discussed the differences that several Canadian psychiatrists have when discussing assisted suicide for those with mental illness. Several psychiatrists oppose extending Canada’s assisted suicide laws and the fact that they put vulnerable people at risk of deadly harm. Below is

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