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Use the downloadable resources on this page to better understand the dangers of assisted suicide laws.  Please help us educate others by sharing these resources with your friends, family, neighbors, and legislators.

8 Reasons to Oppose Assisted Suicide

Learn the facts and get informed on why assisted suicide legislation is so dangerous for those most vulnerable in our society.

Get the Truth

The truth about assisted suicide is not as simple as it seems. Assisted suicide is currently legal in only eight states and the District of Columbia. See our infograph.

(2 Minute Overview)

Assisted Suicide Targets Individuals with Disabilities

Independent federal study finds assisted suicide laws rife with dangers to people with disabilites. (40 Minute Overview)

Incremental Strategy

Proponents deliberately and steadily strip safeguards away from assisted suicide bills around the world and in the United States. These put more populations at risk in incremental stages.

Unintended Consequences

If assisted suicide is legal, lives will be lost due to mistakes, abuse, or lack of better options…

Close up of Topographical map of the united states. Several green pins scattered around map.

State Status Map

There is no federal law preventing assisted suicide. Thus, each state determines their own laws and regulations. Understand the status of Assisted Suicide Laws in your state. 

Organ Harvesting

Conjoining assisted suicide and euthanasia with organ harvesting, a concept once thought ghoulish and inconceivable, is now being painted as responsible and enlightened.

Mental health conditions are ignored.

Depressed patients get the lethal drugs.

Drug Combinations

Lethal experimental drug combinations used for assisted suicide cause complications for patients.

The Tragic Reality of Veteran Suicides in Oregon

Significantly higher than the national veteran suicide rate…

People of Color

Assisted suicide laws place people of color and people from other marginalized communities at increased risk of deadly harm due to racial disparities in healthcare.

Inevitable Expansion

Assisted suicide proponents are doing a bait and switch – they use “safeguards” to convince legislators
 to pass the bills only to strip away those same precautions a few years later.

Doctors Avoid Patients with Disabilities, Putting Many at Risk of Assisted Suicide

Doctors Avoid Patients with Disabilities, Putting Many at Risk of Assisted Suicide In the healthcare system, it does not take much to see that it is broken and disparities in care are prevalent. A recent article demonstrates this fact by telling the findings of Dr. Iezzoni at Harvard. She conducted anonymous research on a sample

Assisted Suicide Advocates Okay with Euthanasia for Infants

Assisted Suicide Advocates Okay with Euthanasia for Infants It is no secret that Canada’s assisted suicide legislation, Medical Aid in Dying [MAiD], has seen rapid expansion since its implementation in 2016. In 2019, the Government of Canada determined that assisted suicide would be accessible to all those with “intolerable suffering” (i.e. those with physical disabilities).

Disability Rights Advocates Show Up at Supreme Judicial Court

Disability Rights Advocates Show Up at Supreme Judicial Court On Thursday, October 13th, members of Not Dead Yet and Second Thoughts gathered outside the Supreme Judicial Courts (SJC). People showed up with signs and flyers to remind the court and anyone who passed by that assisted suicide public policy, whether through the legislature or the


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