The AMA Reaffirms its Longstanding Opposition to Physician Assisted Suicide


Patients Rights Action Fund Applauds the American Medical Association for Reaffirming its Opposition to Assisted Suicide and Euthanasia by an Overwhelming Majority

“Today was a big win for patients as the AMA sides with them and people with disabilities who would be at risk for deadly harm through mistakes, coercion, and abuse, all the while carefully guarding the trust upon which the patient-physician relationship is based. Patients deserve care and protection, not a prescription for death.”

Matt Vallière, Executive Director of Patients Rights Action Fund


Chicago, IL– The AMA voted this afternoon 71% to 29% to reaffirm its opposition to the dangerous practice of assisted suicide. Stunning testimony yesterday by many medical students and residents on the dangers of the practice to both patients and the physician-patient relationship carried the day in the reference committee. The committee strongly recommended that the voting body accept their own ethical council’s report and recommendation to reaffirm opposition to assisted suicide.

People from across the political and world-view spectrum agree with the American Medical Association that legalized assisted suicide is contrary to the physician’s role as healer, puts vulnerable patients at risk, and would be difficult or impossible to control.  The AMA joins the American College of Physicians and the World Medical Association, both of which reaffirmed their opposition to assisted suicide and euthanasia in the past year.



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