The truth behind ‘death with dignity’

Physician-assisted suicide is a growing epidemic in society today. Also called “Death with Dignity”,  a person may choose to end their life with a doctor’s prescription of lethal drugs. To carry out the act of assisted suicide, you must have a terminal illness with less than six months to live, you must be of sound mind, and the drugs must be self-distributed.

 People are watching movies like “Me Before You”, which not only justify, but glorify the act of assisted suicide. This film is about a paralyzed man who, after two years, decides he wants physician-assisted suicide and leaves all his riches to the love interest in the film. A tear forms in your eye as you watch their final goodbyes and forget everything involved with assisted suicide.

 “Me Before You” doesn’t show the entire story of assisted suicide. In Oregon, a state where assisted suicide is legal, general suicides are up 40%. Assisted suicide spreads the idea that suicide is a way out of your problems – that it’s alright to give up and stop fighting.

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