‘Uncharted Territory’: Canada Moving Too Quickly on Changes to Assisted Dying Law, Expert Warns


A health policy expert is warning that Canada is moving too fast on changes to legislation that would expand eligibility for medically assisted death.

Dr. Harvey Schipper, a professor of medicine and an adjunct professor of law at the University of Toronto, urges caution, saying calls to extend euthanasia access to mature minors and people suffering from mental illness should be rejected by the government.

“We are moving too quickly, without evidence or understood experience, down a pathway of immense societal consequence,” Schipper says in a report he authored on [assisted suicide.]

Schipper, who was a member of the Council of Canadian Academies expert panel on MAiD, is concerned that a “slippery slope” effect could lead to continuous expanding of the criteria…

MAiD was advanced a step further in September 2019 after a Quebec Superior Court decision removed the provision that death must be “reasonably foreseeable” for euthanasia. With the five-year review coming up, extending MAiD to mature minors and those suffering from mental illness is being considered.

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