Update: New Zealand Health Committee Rejects Assisted Suicide

The New Zealand Health Committee report on euthanasiathat received 22,000 submissions over a two year period, and direct input from 1000 people, including myself, did not recommend legalizing euthanasia.
The Committee was formed based on an all-party agreement in response to a petition from Maryan Street, a former Labour MP.

According to the article by Isaac Davison that was published by the New Zealand Herald, Committee chair Simon O’Connor said that the Committee did not make any formal recommendations to the government but provided a summary of the arguments for and against assisted dying.

“We’ve tried to distill all the arguments and our recommendation to both the Parliament and the people of New Zealand is to read this report and come to a deeper understanding of what’s been asked around assisted suicide and euthanasia.”

“As I look at it myself, the arguments are quite compelling that while we understand why people ask for this, it’s equally an issue for public safety and not a prudent step to make.”

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