Vegas Doctor Vouches for Former Colleague’s Account in Assisted Suicide Video

A Las Vegas doctor says that he remembers the account described in an anti-assisted-suicide advertisement of an insurer denying life-saving treatment to a patient, while pushing doctors to move forward with a prescription of lethal drugs.

Dr. Sameer Tapryal was a senior resident at the University of Nevada-Reno School of Medicine when Dr. Brian Callister, an instructor at the program and the man featured in the ad, received word from an insurance company that it would rather fund assisted suicide for a patient than provide life-saving treatment in another hospital. Tapryal said that the details mentioned in the ad match up with a conversation he had with Callister at the time of one of the incidents.

“When we were seeing that patient, he [Callister] did bring that [the call with the insurer] up in the course of that conversation,” Tapryal said.

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