Volunteers needed to help comfort veterans in hospice


As we approach the end of our lives, it’s not uncommon to feel lonely, isolated, and afraid.  At the end of life, just like every other stage of our lives, we yearn to feel connected with others, to feel loved.  One of the ways we, as a society, can lovingly and compassionately care for the elderly and terminally ill, is to generously volunteer our time–to walk beside the aging and dying through that journey.

“As our nation’s veterans get older and go into hospice care many of them don’t have family members or friends to spend time with before they pass.

North Florida’s VA system offers bedside comfort to hospice patients with the “No Vet Dies Alone” program and they have expanded the program to include volunteers.

People who sign up have a trial period where they work with a supervisor to get them acquainted with the hospice unit and the veterans.  Not every volunteer needs to be on-call and you can come in as your schedule allows whether it’s once a week or 5 times a week.   Your main responsibility is to provide mental comfort in a veterans final days or hours.”

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