What disability advocates say about assisted suicide

This is worrying. If euthanasia or assisted-suicide laws were to be established, how would doctors treat people with disability and would they seek to influence the decision of whether a patient should live or be groomed into the option of being made dead.

This leads me to wonder about the following questions if euthanasia or assisted suicide were to be legalised. Despite the voluntary nature of the proposed laws for Victoria, would people with disability be coerced into ending their lives through euthanasia or assisted suicide due to a society that devalues many of us? Would doctors sweet-talk people with disability into thinking they’ve had a hard life and they may as well end it?

Despite claims that the proposed laws will require that one must not be experiencing mental-health problems to be eligible to access euthanasia or assisted suicide, I fear that people with disability along with the wider community will choose euthanasia or assisted suicide due to, in many cases, their poorer quality of life, and that feelings of depression will influence the decision to end one’s life.

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